Montana nears sports betting legalisation

Montana wants to launch sports betting before 2020.
Montana wants to launch sports betting before 2020.

The Montana Lottery issued its draft sports betting regulations for public comment in order to launch it before 2020.

US.- The industry continues to evolve in the US and Montana is getting near to launching sports betting. The state Lottery released its draft regulations for public comment in order to develop the best framework.

The Montana Lottery revealed it wants to launch sports betting by the end of 2019. That’s why it will begin operating “whenever the director, with the Commission’s concurrence, finds it feasible and in the state’s best interest.”

“The sports wagering law passed in May. We’ve been working hard ever since to build something Montanans will be excited about,” Lottery director Angela Wong said. “We’ve got a lot to share with Montanans, but the first step is making sure their voices are heard as we move forward.”

Recent delays

While some states are already benefitting from sports betting operations, others are still discussing possible regulations. Montana is one of those states, as officials recently said that sports betting won’t happen until the end of the year or after that.

Angela Wong, director of the Montana Lottery, which will be in charge of the sports betting operators, talked to an interim legislative committee and said that the timing depends on when the new regulations are done. She recently said that they’re drafting the regulations but that they have to go through a public comment period before they’re finally set.

Montana became earlier this year the seventh state in the US to legalise sports betting after the US Supreme Court lifted the federal ban in May 2018. Representative Ryan Lynch, the sponsor of the bill, said that the goal was to kick off sports betting by the launch of the NFL season on Thursday.

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