Mohawk internet casinos may become Bill 74’s first casualty

Mohawk internet casinos may become Bill 74’s first casualty

The bill approved by Quebec’s government threatens the future of Mohawk internet casinos.

Canada.- After the huge controversial the approval of Bill 74 has generated in Quebec, now the Mohawk council of Kahnawake is raising serious concerns about the repercussions this legislation may have for its online casinos.

Bill-74 aims to prevent Quebec residents from being able to choose from different online gaming sites resulting in Lotto Quebec to become an online monopoly. The new legislation includes language that allows the ministry of finance to order Internet Service Providers block online gambling sites not authorised by Lotto Quebec.

Furthermore, Lotto Quebec is forging ahead with a plan to blacklist roughly 2,200 online-gambling sites, which authorises the state-run lottery to compile such blacklist and to assess heavy fines against the province’s internet service providers [ISPs] in case of noncompliance.

However, the Mohawks are ready to fight back, arguing that the new bill is an infringement of their sovereignty and their territorial rights that extend into cyberspace.