Missouri senator pushes lottery machine ban

missouri lottery machines

Video lottery terminals have impacted on the Missouri Lotter. (Credits: emissourian.com)

A lawmaker is pushing to ban video lottery terminals for allegedly being illegal and hurting the Missouri Lottery.

US.- The Missouri Lottery may be in jeopardy, according to state senator Dave Schatz, due to the proliferation of video lottery terminals (VTLs). The machines have bloomed across the state but the lawmaker has said they are illegal and explained they’ve cost the Missouri Lottery Commission US$3.2 million in sales over the last six months.

“Recently, these machines were legalised in Illinois, and now they are spreading to our state despite the fact that Missouri law has not been changed to allow VLTs,” Schatz said. “These are games of chance with cash payouts that clearly seem illegal to me, but the companies pushing VLTs call them ‘gray machines’ instead of what they really are and that is ‘black market.’ ”

“These are illegal machines and should be treated that way,” he stated. “Not only are these machines illegal, but they weaken the Missouri Lottery, which helps fund public education in our state. I think it is time our state takes action and enforces the law.”

Sen. Schatz has filed Senate Bill 431 to combat VLTs as he “can’t allow those who operate illegal gambling machines to benefit if the Legislature decides to legalize VLTs in truck stops and other locations.”

“This is something I am very passionate about and I’m going to fast track this bill,” Schatz said. “It will be heard in committee next week and should be voted out and put on the Senate calendar quickly. Somebody has to take ownership and we have to get ahead of these things. They are going outside of the law.”

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