Mississippi Lottery sets its sights on advertising

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The Mississippi Lottery Corp will sign a three-year contract with Maris West and Baker.

The Mississippi Lottery has chosen an advertising and marketing firm, just a few months before it kicks off its operations.

US.- The Mississippi Lottery Corp is now investing money into advertising and marketing. The Lottery has chosen the Maris West and Baker firm to handle all advertising and marketing activity for a period of three years.

The move from the Lottery aims to establish itself as profitable. It will sign a three-year contract with Maris West and Baker, which will create and buy ads for the lottery. The Mississippi Lottery will kick off its operations in December, Charlotte Observer reported.

Meg Annison, lottery communications director, said that payments to the marketing firm will differ every year, and will equal approximately 11.5% of the lottery’s advertising and marketing budget. The current one ends on June 30, 2020, and sets US$3.5 million for advertising and marketing. Of that money, Maris West and Baker will receive around US$400k.

Mississippi was cleared for multi-state lottery games

The Multi-State Lottery Association approved last month the Mississippi Lottery Corporation for Powerball and Mega Millions. The state lottery made the announcement, aiming to increase revenue by taking part in big multi-state lottery games.

The body in charge of the lottery in Mississippi said that sales for those games will roll out during the first three months of 2020. The Mississippi Lottery Corporation president, Tom Shaheen, has said sales for games that are only in Mississippi could begin December 1.

The president of the Mississippi Lottery Corporation will join the board of directors of the Multi-State Lottery Association. He will be part of it once the multi-state games start in Mississippi next year. The state was one of six without a lottery. That is why lawmakers decided to authorise the creation of the Lottery in 2018 to help generate money for highways.

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