Minor revenue increase for poker in Nevada

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During 2017, poker reported a revenue increase of 0.6 per cent in Nevada and reached US$118.4 million.

US.- Poker in Nevada continues to perform way under its peak from 2007 – when it recorded revenue of US$167.9 million – but managed to improve by a small margin during 2017. Last year the 71 poker rooms in the state reported a US$118.4 million revenue and rose 0.6 per cent from the previous year, reaching its highest mark since 2014’s recorded US$119.9 million.

The impromevent was mainly due to good results in December (US$9.5 million) and June (US$16.6 million; the highest since 2007). Despite the mediocre performance, Nevada is still the biggest poker market in the US, doubling Pennsylvania’s US$59 million and New Jersey’s US$54 million, and almost tripling Maryland’s US$44.5 million.

Dr. David Schwartz, director of UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, compiled a report entitled “Nevada Poker: The Evolution”, which revealed that the Silver State offered 615 poker tables in 2017, of which 300 were located in Las Vegas. These then accounted for 66 per cent of all poker revenues in 2017 (US$78.5 million) while Washoe County raked in US$6.5 million from its 57 poker tables.

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