Milen Ganev, 7777 gaming: “Digital evolution is driving growth and modernization in the lottery sector”

7777 gaming goals include several key initiatives to drive growth and innovation.
7777 gaming goals include several key initiatives to drive growth and innovation.

Milen Ganev, Co-Founder of 7777 gaming, talks about ilottery development in the lottery sector, its demand increase, and the company’s commitment to innovation among other topics.

Exclusive interview.- Milen Ganev, co-founder of 7777 gaming, spoke to Focus Gaming News regarding digital lottery development and trends in the igaming industry.

What’s the role that ilottery is taking in the current igaming landscape?

Digital Lottery is playing a transformative role in the current igaming landscape by expanding accessibility and convenience for players. It allows traditional lottery games to reach a broader audience and enhance user engagement.

Digital lottery offers innovative features such as instant win games, digital scratch cards, and mobile compatibility, appealing to the new generation of players. Additionally, ilottery integrates advanced data analytics and personalized marketing, providing the operators with valuable insights and improving customer experience. This digital evolution is driving growth and modernization in the lottery sector.

“Digital Lottery is playing a transformative role in the current igaming landscape by expanding accessibility and convenience for players.”

Milen Ganev, co-founder of 7777 gaming.

7777 gaming is renowned for its ability to deliver high-quality iLottery games tailored to the unique requirements of different lotteries, how do you ensure that your game content meets stringent government regulations and operators’ expectations for customization?

At 7777 gaming, we ensure our ilottery game content meets all parties’ expectations through a meticulous, market-specific approach. Our development process involves deep research into local preferences, themes, and regulatory frameworks.

For instance, in Moldova, we integrate cultural elements and adhere to local regulations, creating an immersive and compliant gaming experience. Similarly, in Azerloterya, we incorporate Azerbaijani cultural symbols to resonate with players. With the Ukrainian National Lottery, we navigate complex regulations to deliver engaging and compliant games. This balance of localization, compliance, and creativity sets us apart in the industry.

How would you describe the digital lottery industry’s current demands at the time?

The digital lottery industry is experiencing a significant demand increase, with the online lottery market projected to reach $18.38bn by 2024. This growth drives the need for strategic innovations and advancements. At 7777 gaming, we expand our market presence and enhance our game portfolio in this crucial igaming vertical.

Our commitment to innovation involves investing heavily in developing cutting-edge digital lottery products and ensuring our content meets the diverse regulatory requirements of different jurisdictions. By prioritizing these aspects, 7777 gaming aims to lead the digital lottery market, meeting the demands of both players and regulators and driving sustained growth in the industry.

7777 gaming recently announced a strategic iLottery content deal with Scientific Games. What do you expect from this partnership in the coming years?

7777 gaming aims to leverage its strategic ilottery deal with Scientific Games’ Content Hub by providing its innovative and engaging digital lottery content to all lotteries powered by Scientific Games, including those in the US market.

This partnership significantly enhances 7777 gaming’s market presence by reaching a broader audience and offering tailored, high-quality lottery experiences. We anticipate expanding our footprint in the digital lottery market worldwide.

How does the exponential growth of AI technology affect the gaming industry?

It is significantly impacting the gaming industry, driving innovation and enhancing user experiences. In the digital lottery segment, AI-driven personalization is shaping the way players interact with games, offering tailored experiences that increase engagement and satisfaction. Providers need to stay agile and continuously innovate to adapt to these advancements.

We aim to include the best from traditional and digital worlds. Thus, we offer a wide variety of non-traditional features while retaining classic match-and-win lottery concepts. By incorporating the latest AI trends, such as predictive analytics and personalized content, into our portfolio, we aim to remain competitive and meet the evolving demands of players in the digital lottery space. Later this year, we will present our first game with all graphics created by AI, showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge innovation.

What role does responsible gambling play in the lottery sector, and what are 7777 gaming’s efforts in this area?

Responsible gambling plays a crucial role in the Lottery sector by ensuring the protection of players and maintaining the integrity of the industry. At 7777 gaming, we are deeply committed to this principle. We plan to become a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and will participate in their meeting in Paris this October.

This membership underscores our dedication to Responsible Gambling and adherence to all regulatory requirements as a B2B iGaming provider. By following WLA’s best practices, we aim to set high standards in highly regulated markets, ensuring full compliance and building trust and loyalty among our operators’ customer base.

“Responsible gambling plays a crucial role in the Lottery sector by ensuring the protection of players and maintaining the integrity of the industry.”

Milen Ganev, co-founder of 7777 gaming.

What are your goals for the second part of the year?

Our goals at 7777 gaming include several key initiatives to drive growth and innovation, starting with the expansion of our game portfolio. We aim to enlarge our game categories with more engaging and diverse titles to captivate a broader audience. Moreover, we see a great interest in the branded games we make for several operators, which have become a great success on their platforms.

Operators who seek to lead their markets and provide memorable experiences for their players approach us with such requests.

Opening new markets is our second major goal. We are constantly in conversations with leading lotteries in various jurisdictions worldwide. Recognized as an innovative and modern provider of digital lottery game content, we see great potential for market expansion.

We trust that we will launch strategic deals with some of the largest lotteries in Europe later this year. Additionally, we aim to deliver 15-20 customized games per year to the lotteries we are already partnering with.

This is an excellent number for providing new and fresh content for our partners. This product strategy will benefit all stakeholders in the business and will establish us as a trusted and preferred technology provider. All of this is made possible by attending leading industry events to forge new, meaningful business connections and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

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