Melco’s Cyprus temporary casino, underperforming

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The C2 casino, opened by Melco International on June 28th has performed “below expectations,” according to president Craig Ballantyne.

Cyprus.- Last June 28th, Melco International Development’s C2 casino became the first legal gaming venue in Southern Cyprus and began operating in a converted supermarket in Limassol. However, according to president Craig Ballantyne, the casino has been underperforming over the first few days of operation.

“It has been a real rollercoaster ride… It’s been a bit of fun but it’s below expectations I have to say that. We’re not the only game in town and we never have been, never will be,” he told Cyprus’ Sunday Mail. According to Mr Ballantyne, the nearly 30 casinos in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have played a role in the poor performance: “They don’t have the same regulations as we do, so it’s not a level playing field,” he said.

The C2 casino is just a temporary structure equipped with 242 slot machines, 33 tables and a gaming space of 4,600-square-meters. Nonetheless, Melco is set to open its permanent casino in 2021, alongside a convention centre and an hotel, after investing €550 million in the integrated resort project.

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