Melco is cooperating with Japan’s casino bribe investigation

The Hong-Kong based Melco Resorts is cooperating in the investigation into casino bribes in Japan.

Japan.- Melco Resorts & Entertainment has been cooperating with Japanese prosecutors in the bribery investigation of a Japanese lawmaker. A source close to the investigation confirmed the participation of the casino company, Reuters reported.

“Tokyo prosecutors sent Melco a letter and visited the office on January 17 after receiving no reply,” said the source. While they did not help that day, the company is now cooperating with the investigation.

The unnamed source confirmed that a photograph seen by the news agency showing a notice from prosecutors taped to Melco’s office door was authentic. The company did not comment on this notice.

The scandal

A corruption scandal shook Japan regarding a casino developer and politicians who took bribes recently. That sparked some doubt about the potential delay of the Japan IR plans amid the development of new policies. However, no delays seem to be ahead, according to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The PM stated the bribery scandal is “very regrettable”, but seems to be sure it won’t impact on their plans. According to the official, the Japan IR policy would still be pursued.

“Integrated resorts involve international conference and exhibition halls as well as large hotels. They are entertainment facilities that families will enjoy. Therefore, help Japan become a country of advanced tourism,” Mr Abe said as quoted by Kyodo News.

An Asahi Shimbun survey showed that the local population is now reluctant towards the industry. Out of the respondents in the January 25-26 telephone survey, 64% think Japan should freeze its IR plans. Still, 20% of respondents favoured moving forward on it.

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