Marseille casino project ruled out

The Mayor said that the venue lacks the space for a gambling floor.

France.- La Villa Mediterranean was on track to become the first ever casino in Marseille, but the Mayor Jean Claude Gaudin said that the facility lacks the space for an appropriate gambling floor.

Marseille is one of the few cities in the Southern region of the European country that doesn’t have a casino facility. The Mayor was looking forward to introduce gaming to the city by turning a futuristic building located near the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations into a casino. Despite his original idea, he acknowledged that the venue was too small. “I want to implement a casino worthy of the second city of France in Marseille. Villa Mediterranean, however, seems too small to accommodate a facility that meets our ambitions,” he added.

Gaudin confirmed that he asked the city services to search and determine, at their earliest convenience, in conjunction with Euroméditerranée, somewhere with a minimum space of 5,000 m2 where a facility can be built that will help increase the attractiveness of the city and to develop its economy. Neighboring towns like Cassis and La Ciotat already have casinos, and the Marseille is looking to compete with them.