Manuel Jiménez: “We have a lot to show at Peru Gaming Show”

Manuel Jiménez, head of sales LatAm at EvenBet Gaming.
Manuel Jiménez, head of sales LatAm at EvenBet Gaming.

Manuel Jiménez granted Focus Gaming News an exclusive interview to talk about the EvenBet Gaming attendance to Peru Gaming Show.

Exclusive interview.- After a long wait, Peru Gaming Show begins today. In this opportunity, EvenBet Gaming will be present showing its new products and solutions.

To talk about it, Focus Gaming News sat down with Manuel Jiménez, head of sales LatAm at EvenBet Gaming.

What do you expect from the new edition of the Peru Gaming Show? Are you presenting any new innovative content?

It is the first time we present our new mobile poker solutions in full. We have shown it in part during the spring events in Colombia, Argentina, and Chile, but in Peru, our stand visitors may have a full live demo with all their questions answered. Besides that, we are happy to present new games developed recently: Big2, Backgammon, and a special EvenBet-branded slot game created by our partner Altente. We are also ready to uncover new fantastic features like sponsored tournament format, Casino Player functionality for better integration with casino games, and the latest changes in multi-table poker experience that ease enormously playing at 5 to 7 poker tables at once. So, we have a lot to show!

What does it mean for the company to be present at face-to-face events this year?

After the recent two years marked by a global pandemic that caused the whole event industry crisis, we are still excited to finally meet our partners and customers in person. There’s no better way to ensure long-term partnership and mutual understanding than a good old face-to-face discussion. Being a fan of modern technology and working in the online entertainment industry, I must however admit that telecommunications can sometimes inhibit business processes. That’s why I’m happy that this year my colleague Roman Bogoduhov, Head of Accounts in LatAm at EvenBet Gaming, has joined me in South America to participate in the negotiations and the events. We expect to increase our team here in a foreseeable future.

How was your experience at the GAT Expo Colombia that took place in March? What feedback did you receive from the industry?

It was an outstanding show for networking! A lot of special events and parties organised around GAT have allowed me to meet and talk with everyone interested in online poker development in South and Latin America, even those who couldn’t come to our stand. Being present at the show in the country with the biggest regulated gaming market on the continent is simply indispensable.

EvenBet has recently obtained ISO 27001 Certification for its security management systems. What does this mean for the future of the company?

Technically, this certificate confirms that information security and development practices in our company are compliant with the highest international standards. In practice, this means that operators and partners working with EvenBet Gaming can be sure of the quality of our product and services and feel confident trusting their operations to our platform. And most importantly, it gives us an advantage for working in the regulated markets including those with the most demanding technical certification processes.

What do you think is the main challenge the gaming industry is facing after the pandemic? Has the poker audience changed after the restrictions?

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges and trends we were already facing in the online poker vertical: acquiring and engaging new young audiences and recreational players. It was an unbelievable boost for all the operators and developers: the initial influx of new players was secured by lockdowns and restrictions, but their onboarding and engagement are a completely different story. The old methods that used to work well with professional players and high-stakes communities didn’t work anymore, so we had to work twice as hard to create new features, improve user experience, and help our partners to succeed in these difficult times. It worked well: in 2020, our company revenue increased by 120 per cent, and in 2021, by 130 per cent.

“The old methods that used to work well with professional players and high-stakes communities didn’t work anymore.”

Manuel Jiménez, head of sales LatAm at EvenBet Gaming.

What are the company´s main challenges for the next months?

The main challenge this year stays the same: securing and improving our positions in the emerging markets where millions of players are ready to play quality and exciting poker games. These are the markets in South and Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. For this, we try to create distributed teams working on account management and customer support; in six months, we have already opened two new offices in Armenia and Serbia. We continue to increase the number of partners providing casino and table games for different markets to ensure the availability of the most demanded entertainment content in every region. And at the same time, we don’t stop the poker platform development and improvement even for a day.

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