Lottoland calls for changes in Irish gambling reforms 

Lottoland is urging the Irish government to rethink proposed reforms.
Lottoland is urging the Irish government to rethink proposed reforms.

The company conducted a survey of public opinion on the proposed reforms.

Ireland.- Lottoland has reported on a survey that it commissioned to sound out public opinion on Ireland’s proposed gambling reforms. The Ireland Thinks survey of 1,387 people found that while 75 per cent were in favour of the introduction of more regulation in the Gambling Regulation Bill 2022, two thirds believed people should be free to gamble responsibly.

Some 19 per cent of gamblers said they would turn to alternative offerings if gambling is restricted in Ireland. Lottoland suggested this meant that proposals for limits on wagers and winnings would be unpopular. It has urged the government to rethink and consult with the industry. 

Under a third of respondents were aware of new Irish gambling legislation, which is due to be finalised in forthcoming months and will create a new regulator, the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland (GRAI).

The government intends to ban television gambling advertising between the hours of 5.30am and 9pm and ban free bets. Maximum win limits of €3,000 or maximum bets of €10 would apply to some games.

Mike Kirwan, vice-president of Lottoland, warned that the legislation as it stands lacks clear definitions and could have “a range of unintended consequences stemming from a range of legal issues”.

Kirwan said: “Lottoland remain firmly committed to the development and adoption of a comprehensive, evidence-based legislative framework for the gambling, betting and lotteries sector in Ireland. But we also believe that what is set in legislation now will be vital to ensuring an effective, agile, and sustainable framework in the longer term – while still providing for an enjoyable yet safer gambling experience for all customers.

“The results of this poll demonstrate that the Irish public are in favour of a sensible approach to the regulation of our sector, which sees increased regulation and harm reduction, without coming at the cost of an individual’s ability to bet responsibly.”

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