Latvian operators fight Riga’s gambling liquidation

Latvian casinos

Riga banned gambling halls. (Credits:

Companies that operate 42 gambling halls in Riga have turned to court to fight the City Council’s decision to liquidate their venues.

Latvia.- 42 gambling halls were struck by Riga City Council’s decision to close them (apart from those located in five- or four-star hotels) back in May 2017. However, their respective operators have turned to court to appeal the decision and keep their operations running.

Six first instance court verdicts have already rejected the claims. Even so, there were two companies that appealed to the administrative regional court. However, one of those claimants withdrew the application and the court closed the proceeding.

Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) is one of the main challengers to the decision. Still, the District Administrative Court in Riga ruled in favour of the City Council in regard to a specific casino on Raina Boulevard 15 which will be required to close its doors by October 2022. However, CEO Madis Jääger asserted that the operator – which operates 7 out of the 42 halls affected – “will appeal the decision to higher level court.”

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