Latvia bans illegal online gambling sites

The country continues with its intention to ban illegal gambling sites. Credits:

The total number of illegal gambling sites banned by the Latvian government has increased to 1507.

Latvia.- The local gambling regulator of Latvia – Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of the Republic of Latvia (IAUI) – has recently increased the number of blocked illegal gambling sites as it added 20 more operators to the list.

The European country has been trying to battle the illegal market by blocking online illegal domains, and with the addition of the 20 sites that the IAUI has revealed last week, the total number of operators banned in the country has increased to 1,507.

Some of the gambling websites banned by Latvia are,,,,,,,,,,,

Moreover, the country’s New Conservative Party’s (JKP) has introduced a new initiative that intends to ban gambling halls in Latvia, except in luxury-class hotels. While the plan features a five-year transition period, it recommends that the amendment should be adopted with immediate effect.

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