Las Vegas, the new host of the Raiders

Sports betting services would be restricted during Raiders’ matches.
Sports betting services would be restricted during Raiders’ matches.

Las Vegas, Nevada, became the new location of Oakland Raiders, after yesterday’s approval by the National Football League.

US.- The Oakland Raiders football team will be relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, as confirmed by the National Football League (NFL). The sports entity held yesterday a vote to decide the relocation and debate further conditions to limit the gaming services related to Raiders’ matches in the State, better known for its large casino industry.

As revealed by several newspapers, experts speculate that the sports betting sector would be banned from authorised bookmakers’ offerings. Being one of the biggest opponents of the gaming industry, the NFL confirmed its reject against the legalisation of sports betting nationwide. The entity’s Commissioner Roger Goodell said to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King that the league would not change its “position as it relates to legalised sports betting.” And then added: “We still don’t think it is a positive thing.”

Nevada is one of the few states where sports betting sector has been legalised. However, the regulation establishes that “any event, regardless of where it is held, involving a professional team whose home field, court, or base is in Nevada” can asked to be prohibited in bookmakers’ platforms.

The NFL would also have to change current restrictions that ban officials to visit Las Vegas during the active seasons. Meanwhile, Nevada’s bookmakers celebrated yesterday’s resolutions and showed their interests of including the Raiders’ matches on their gaming services. The American Gaming Association concluded: “The historic decision demonstrates how far gaming has come.”