Las Vegas boosts Nevada’s incomes

Nevada casinos issued October’s results gathered by the Gaming Control Board.

US.- The Nevada Gaming Control Board shared yesterday the casino results from October’s casino activities statewide. Nevertheless, Las Vegas region was the main contributor to the results. In total, casinos experienced an 11 percent growth in gambling revenues in comparison with the same period of 2015, and a 5 percent of increment since January to October.

Casinos from Las Vegas Strip announced a 14 percent jump in their revenues year-on-year. With October’s results, Las Vegas contributed with the collection of over US$563 million. On the other hand, Downtown Las Vegas and North of the gaming city also reached a positive revenue results, growing 29 percent.

The Gaming Control Board report revealed the total revenue collection of nearly US$990 million last month. Last year, the sector had announced a result of US$887 million in October. The casino revenue growth led to the state collection of US$59.5 million in taxes, which represents almost 14 percent of increment from the same period in 2015.

Gaming industry is expanding in the classic casino state as authorities have recently allowed the implementation of eSports betting services. The new virtual sport tournaments are major attraction for millennial generation, turning the innovative industry into a US$1.9 billion business in the following years.