Kenyan lawsuit wasn’t taken into consideration

Kenyan Justice Roselyne Aburili said to the press that the lawsuit wasn’t taken into consideration due to a problem with the font.

Kenya.- The Kenyan Justice Roselyne Aburili refused to accept SportPesa’s lawsuit against the national government due to problems on the document’s font. The legal complaint was certificated as “urgent”, but it was not taken in consideration by the Justice. The gaming brand filled a lawsuit after the Government’s announce of a 50 percent increase in all gaming operations.

Justice Aburili commented to The Star that she dismissed the document “for reasons that the fonts used for typing of documents is too small to be read.” And she added: “I direct the applicant to file reader friendly pleadings for consideration of the court.” After the public comments, experts responded that the Justice system is trying to buy time to debate with Kenyan officials about the upcoming process.

The National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich had introduced a financial amendment to increase sports betting, lotteries and further gaming taxes to 50 percent. As a response, Bradley Limited Trading, operator of the Pambazuka National Lottery and supported by SportPesa’s owner Pevans East Africa Ltd, filled the controversial lawsuit to stop the tax growth proposal. The lawsuit declares the increase as “unconstitutional,” although the Kenyan judge was not able to read the font.