Kansas Lottery transfers big money to state coffers

The Kansas Lottery reported better transfers in FY2019 than a year before.
The Kansas Lottery reported better transfers in FY2019 than a year before.

The Kansas Lottery announced that it transferred more money to state coffers in Fiscal Year 2019 than it did a year before as it reached US$173.6 million.

US.- The gaming industry is a major contributor for the state and Kansas is proof of it. According to the Kansas Lottery, money transferred to state coffers during Fiscal Year 2019 was larger than 2018’s.

As recently disclosed, the figure reached US$173.6 million. It comes from the combined transfer from the traditional lottery and state-owned and operated casino gaming revenue.

The state received US$74.9 million from traditional lottery game sales and US$98.7 million from state-owned and operated casino gaming totalled $98.7 million. Kansas Lottery retailers posted commissions in FY19 of US$17.3 million, a record figure.

Kansas Lottery Executive Director Stephen Durrell highlighted the body’s mission and the recent results.

“It’s the Kansas Lottery’s mission to engage our players in a fun and secure way while also doing our best to try and maximize a return to the State. We do that by looking at ways to keep our players interested and excited about our games. The Lottery is continuing to add new games and second-chance promotions that offer unique experiences, and we thank all of our players and retailers for their continued support,” he said.

“Our vending machine roll-out has been methodical as we try to look for the best retailers to maximize the effectiveness of the machines,” Durrell added. “We look forward to the opportunity for increasing our sales and transfer to the state through vending machine sales. Vending machines offer easier access for our players to find their favourite games and takes the burden off our retailers during times of high retail sales.”

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