Japan IR push continues despite corruption scandal

Japan IR push continues despite corruption scandal

A potential delay for the Japan IR industry has been laid to the ground as PM Shinzo Abe said they’ll keep going.

Japan.- A corruption scandal shook Japan regarding a casino developer and politicians who took bribes recently. That sparked some doubt about the potential delay of the Japan IR plans amid the development of new policies. However, no delays seem to be ahead, according to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The PM stated the bribery scandal is “very regrettable”, but seems to be sure it won’t impact on their plans. According to the official, the Japan IR policy would still be pursued.

“Integrated resorts involve international conference and exhibition halls as well as large hotels. They are entertainment facilities that families will enjoy. Therefore, help Japan become a country of advanced tourism,” Mr Abe said as quoted by Kyodo News.

Push to stop the Japan IR developments

Japanese parties recently introduced a bill to scrap casino laws.

According to Japan Times, the four parties that backed the bill are the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, the Democratic Party for the People, the Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party.

“We submitted the bill as the first step to make the government give up introducing casinos,” Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan parliamentary affairs head Jun Azumi said. The opposition is aiming to pressure the government. Also, the ruling coalition during this parliamentary session to make them scrap the casino plans.

This move comes just a week after the Japanese lawmaker accused of receiving casino bribes, Tusaka Akimoto, received another arrest warrant.

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