Japan evaluates iGaming

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Credits: Desiring God. 

The Japanese iGaming market could be partially legalised as players would be allowed to access to online lottery sales.

Japan.- The government of Japan is assessing another gaming proposal after the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry presented a project to legalise online lottery platforms. The measure would take effect by 2018 and would enable lottery operators to offer their current land-based services on legally authorised gaming platforms.

Gaming expansion in Japan is generating controversy among residents, who still show big opposition to casino law. Meanwhile, the Japanese government is assessing regulations that could be imposed to the gaming industry as more than half of residents are against the implementation of integrated resorts in the territory.

The lottery sector is highly popular in Japan and the industry’s revenue is invested in developing the municipalities’ programmes. Lottery also helps fund public works and welfare projects, as revealed by The japan News. The legalisation of online lotteries would boost the current revenue, which reported consecutive decline in the last five years.

Tokyo authorities are also planning to destine local lottery revenue to develop the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. According to The Yomiuri Shimbun, the metropolitan city government would invest US$315 million to the Olympics fund in order to help covering the total amount of US$12 billion expected to host the international games.