India chooses gaming legislation

Balbir Singh Chauhan, Chairman of the Law Commission of India talked about legislation.
Balbir Singh Chauhan, Chairman of the Law Commission of India talked about legislation.

An official scrutiny held by the government of India reveals local residents prefer legislating the gaming industry rather than banning it.

India.- According to an official scrutiny held by the Law Commission of India, most interviewed residents are in favour of gaming legalisation rather than prohibition, as Balbir Singh Chauhan Chauhan, Chairman of the 21st Law Commission of India, revealed. The study was demanded by the nation’s Supreme Court.

Based on official’s analysis, Indian legislators will be able to discuss a possible regulation to control the gaming industry, including casino and sports betting. Currently, the country has limited the industry’s activities in all states and union territories, although a few companies are operating with partial permissions.

An example is the State of Goa, where the government approved the installation of six off-shore casinos. However, recently-elected officials could ban the activity this year. “Legalisation would give the government the opportunity to bring gambling out from the dark corners of society , impose controls and extract some revenue…if betting were legal then a huge chunk of money that, at the moment circulates only round the black market, would quickly become available,” explained Chauhan.

“It is the need of the time to project the income and employment capabilities and future forecasts of this industry in India. It is further proposed that the development of a gambling industry in India requires a three-pronged strategy: reforming existing gambling (lottery, horse racing) market and legalising the present illegal market (introducing new products), while introducing stringent and over-arching regulations,” concluded the chairman of the national commission.