Illinois leaves casino proposal on hold

Senate leaders will resume the activity today.
Senate leaders will resume the activity today.

Senate leaders stopped a budget package that would authorise the state to build six casinos.

US.- Members of the Senate stopped a pretentious budget package that included the legalisation of six casinos in the state because they think the new illinois Gneral Assembly members should be the ones that make the final call.

The discussion about the budget package will be re-introduced and Senate leaders will resume the activity today, after the new General Assembly is sworn in and be re-assigned to committees in order to fasten the process to get it back to the floor. Several leaders admitted that the goal is to pass the budget before February 1, but it would still need to pass several obstacles in the House. John Cullerton, Illinois Senate President, said that he hopes the bipartisan budget can work as an example that both parties can work this out.

The gaming bill would authorise Illinois to open six new casinos in Danville, Rockford, Lake County, Williamson County, one in the south suburbs and one in Chicago. The revenue would be forwarded to the Education Assistance Fund, whilst the casino in Chicago would collaborate with the Policemen’s and Firemen’s pension funds.