Idaho blocks horse racing measure

The horse racing initiative from Idaho was rejected by more than 55% of state voters.

US.- Proposition 1, the initiative that would have allowed instant horse racing gambling machines in Idaho, has been rejected by state voters on Tuesday. As of Wednesday night, 55% of voters were against the ballot, while 45% supported it.

Groups in favour of the initiative said that it would have boosted the local horse racing industry and economy, as it would have helped fund schools. On the other hand, opponents said it would open the door to more gambling expansions in the state.

State lawmakers first approved the horse racing machines in 2013 but the law got repealed two years later after it raised concerns that the machines looked like casino-style slot machines.

“Today’s vote proves what we’ve been saying all along – Proposition 1 was a bad bet for Idahoans,” Ken Andrus and Ernie Stensgar of Idaho United Against Prop 1 said in an emailed statement, as Idaho Statesman reported.

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