How affiliates make money on promotions at MegaPari

MegaPari offers a range of partnership models.
MegaPari offers a range of partnership models.

MegaPari Partners unlocks profitable opportunities for affiliates with its diverse promotions, strategic localization, and global campaigns.

Press release.- MegaPari Partners, an affiliate program of MegaPari, specializes in gambling and betting verticals. Already, more than 23,000 partners are earning thanks to the expansive and enticing promotions. Why does promoting MegaPari’s offers lead to profit for affiliates?

FirstlyMegaPari offers ongoing promotions, catering to diverse preferences. MegaPari’s research indicates that in the Philippines, 90 per cent of players prefer casino games. Therefore, promotions like “FRIDAY CASINO RELOAD” – offering a 100 per cent bonus on deposits every Friday – are particularly popular there. 

In regions like India, where 52.2 per cent of bets are on sports, affiliates can focus on sports-centric promotions like the “100 per cent SATURDAY FOOTBALL BONUS” – which is bound to draw in players. These offers are designed to tap into specific audience preferences, making them highly profitable for affiliates.

Secondly, MegaPari’s promotions are successful because of a player-focused approach and smart localization. The company expertly tailors its promotions to resonate with local tastes and significant events – like celebrating Diwali in India or Independence Day in the Philippines – thereby boosting their regional appeal. 

Thirdly, beyond regional promotions, MegaPari orchestrates large-scale campaigns that captivate a global audience. The “Halloween Scary Spins” campaign drew over 60,000 participants, offering daily bonuses within a creatively themed Halloween environment. 

Another example is the Lamborghini Urus giveaway, where approximately 40% of the participants were referred by affiliates. What made this campaign popular among players? The allure of incredible prizes – the chance to win a car generates substantial engagement. This showcases MegaPari’s ability to blend high-quality content with unique opportunities.

MegaPari’s twin objectives – attracting and retaining players – are achieved through engaging promotions and a plethora of ongoing campaigns. 

They ensure player retention, facilitated by an efficient retention department funnel, keeping clients engaged and thereby boosting the LTV for affiliates, especially those working on a revenue share basis.

MegaPari offers a range of partnership models, including RevShare up to 50 per cent, fixed commissions, CPA, and Hybrid options. MegaPari aims to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, helping new partners maximize profits from their deals and partnership.

If you’re interested in working with MegaPari Partners, contact at [email protected].

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