Horseshoe license transferred to Silver Bullet

Credits: Zamboanga.
Credits: Zamboanga.

Silver Bullet casino in Carson City, Nevada, was granted the Horseshoe license.

US.- Horseshoe Club’s unrestricted gaming license was transferred to the new Silver Bullet casino in Carson City, Nevada. Whilst the Horseshoe Club was definitely closed in 2014, the Silver Bullet company was able to obtain the state license to operate a gaming and touristic facility, including a hotel, last week.

With the new license, Silver Bullet operators won’t have to comply with the current Carson City legislation, which rules that new casinos must have at least 100 hotel rooms. As Horseshoe Club was built before the law, the gaming venue does not offer the required amount of hotel rooms.

After the Carson City Board of Supervisors’ decision to transfer the gaming license, the Carson Nugget, Gold Dust West and Casino Fandango casinos issued a lawsuit in order to block the approval. Casino operators argued that Silver Bullet was arbitrarily benefited by the Horseshoe license, as the company did not invest in hotel rooms.

However, Nevada judges rejected the lawsuit and explained the transferring was approved by the state Gaming Commission and the Carson City Board of Supervisors. “Substantial evidence supports the board’s grant of Horseshoe Club’s grandfathered gaming license to Silver Bullet,” concluded Carson City’s District Judge James Wilson in an official statement published by the Record Courier.

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