Hard Rock gets extension for Catalonia casino

The casino operator received an extension to solve its problems with the Hard Rock Entertainment World of Catalonia and avoid losing its licence.

Spain.- For a number of reasons, the Tarragona casino project is still delayed but won’t get cancelled. This week, Hard Rock got an extension in Catalonia to solve the inconveniences that prevent progress.

The local General Directorate of Taxation and Games issued an extension of three months, to keep the venture alive. Now, they will try to solve a conflict with the former owners of expropriated land for the project.

The Hard Rock Entertainment World represents a €2.2 billion investment in the area of ​​Salou, Tarragona. But, for now, the Generalitat has not given permission to begin working in the area.

In order to move forward, Hard Rock proposed paying urbanisation costs in the area of ​​its new casino in Catalonia. However, the conflict with the former owners still remains.

The legal dispute

A judge will decide the fate of Hard Rock’s casino in Catalonia, as it evaluates the recent claim. It arises from owners of expropriated land in 2014. They demand compensation after the land’s value changed since they sold it. Nobody wants to pay the potential new prize and the conflict delays the development.

According to the Minister of Land and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, negotiations are open. However, he clarified that the government does not plan to absorb any extra costs.

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