Guilherme Graziani, “At OddsGate we are firm believers that the dedication to each one of our operators is a must”

Guilherme Graziani, Head of Business Development in Latin America at Oddsgate.
Guilherme Graziani, Head of Business Development in Latin America at Oddsgate.

The company’s Head of Business Development in Latin America speaks about Oddsgate’s recent participation at Collision Conference, industry challenges, and their main objectives for the rest of 2024.

Exclusive interview.- Guilherme Graziani, Head of Business Development in Latin America at Oddsgate, granted Focus Gaming News an exclusive interview in which he reflected on the company’s recent participation at Collision Conference, the main challenges the industry faces nowadays, and the main goals and objectives of the company for the rest of the year.

Oddsgate attended the Collision Conference held in Toronto. How did you feel when you were invited?

It was an honour to be invited to participate in a conference where all the most exciting new start-ups come together to showcase their solutions, business cases, and networking. The event is a significant opportunity for those who work in this technology area, and this selection confirms our efforts to remain attentive to trends and opportunities and our alignment with the market.

For OddsGate, it was an opportunity to expand our technological advancement further, get updated on current tech trends, and represent Portugal and the igaming industry. Our participation further strengthens our presence in the Ontario market.

How was the experience, and what conclusions did you draw from participating? 

We saw an event that celebrates technological advancements and market developments, which is essential in navigating the complexities of the digital revolution. It holds the potential to influence and shape a future that is not only technologically advanced but also conscious and comprehensive.

Our experience was exceptional. Following the positive feedback from our presence at Collision, we eagerly anticipate participating again. It considers the event a valuable platform to expand its reach and influence in the technology and igaming industries, providing important opportunities for growth with critical insights, strategic connections, and potential partnerships poised to drive our growth and market expansion.

Additionally, it allowed us to integrate innovative solutions from relevant startups, primarily powered by AI. This will enable OddsGate to enhance operational efficiency, enter new markets, and solidify its global presence.

“Following the positive feedback from our presence at Collision, we eagerly anticipate participating again.”

Guilherme Graziani, Head of Business Development in Latin America at Oddsgate.

One of the topics discussed during the event was artificial intelligence. What are AI’s advantages, and what precautions should be taken when implementing it in the gaming industry? 

Artificial Intelligence was the main technological advance showcased at the Collision event this year and we found it fascinating to explore the various applications of these tools and their main advantages across different markets.

AI can significantly enhance company efficiency, improve internal communication, provide faster and more accurate information to partners, and ultimately offer better service to all stakeholders. We took the opportunity to identify several AI-powered startups, such as Supademo, AlfredAI, SwiftApprove, and Vaato, that have the potential to add substantial value to our sales, operations, development, and support teams.

The ethical and social implications of innovation were also discussed, highlighting the risks of unchecked development and reinforcing the need for controlled and responsible progress. This discussion touched on a topic of great interest to OddsGate: cybersecurity and data privacy.

One solution presented was balancing AI and security by incorporating protective measures from the beginning of any development.

“We took the opportunity to identify several AI-powered startups that have the potential to add substantial value to our sales, operations, development, and support teams.”

Guilherme Graziani, Head of Business Development in Latin America at Oddsgate.

Of the other topics discussed at the event and after sharing space with representatives from companies in other sectors, what stood out to you the most? 

One of the topics that stood out the most for us during the event was the creative solutions that many start-ups were offering to problems in their respective industries. While most of them utilized AI technology, there were notable exceptions, such as JobRedy, which emphasized the importance of the human touch by creating a network between job seekers and mentors.

We also noticed Collision’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture. This was evident not only in the presence of representatives from over 100 different countries but also in the significant increase in female participation.

This has been an important year for Oddsgate. You were also recognised as the best IT sector workplace and the second-best workplace in Portugal. What do these achievements mean to you?

It’s been an extraordinary year for us. Following the”Great Place to Work” and “Best Workplace in Portugal” certifications, we just received this award in the IT category, which we know is quite competitive. So we are all extremely proud.

It further highlights our commitment to creating a pleasant work environment culture that allows all our stakeholders to perform their best and feel part of this amazing journey with Oddsgate.

In a previous interview with Focus Gaming News, you mentioned that Oddsgate is not just a company, but almost like a family that aims for its partners to grow. What is the key to maintaining this principle?

That is completely right, just like a family, where each individual has different needs and requirements, not one size fits all, and we consider these individualities not only for employees but also for our partners and customers.

At OddsGate, we are firm believers that this dedication to each one of our operators is a must, to make sure they have the right scenario and tools needed for their development, with the ultimate goal to create the best gaming experience possible for their players.

Furthermore, we are always aware of how to improve. An example of this is the events we participate in, such as Collision, which are very important for staying up-to-date and aligned with trends, so that we can continue moving towards this goal.

We are entering the second half of the year. What conclusions do you draw from Oddsgate’s year so far, and what plans does the company have for the remainder of 2024?

So far, 2024 has been a fantastic year for OddsGate! We have established our presence at key industry events such as ICE London, SBC Rio, Sigma São Paulo, and Collision Toronto.

We have significantly enhanced our presence in the Brazilian market, making substantial progress towards operating under the new Brazilian regulations—a huge achievement for us and our collaborators. Additionally, we have been recognized as the second-best workplace in the IT sector and the second-best workplace overall in Portugal.

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We have also made significant strides in expanding our operations to other geographies by obtaining crucial certifications such as GLI-19, GLI-33, ISO 27001, and new B2B licences in Romania and Ontario.

Our goals for the remainder of 2024 include continuing to expand our operations in Brazil while staying vigilant regarding the evolving regulations for 2025. We also aim to enter new geolocations. Furthermore, we are very excited to welcome the industry to our city for the SBC Lisbon event in September, marking the first edition of this event in Lisbon.

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