Oddsgate at Collision Conference: an experience of innovations and connections

The conference, which took place from June 17th to 20th, showcased innovation and dynamism.
The conference, which took place from June 17th to 20th, showcased innovation and dynamism.

The company debuted at the “Technology Olympics” with successful participation.

Press release.- In the “Technology Olympics,” Oddsgate made its successful debut and guaranteed excellent participation. Collision, which takes place annually in Toronto, is a great highlight when it comes to conferences in the area. This year, it reached a record attendance of around 40 thousand people from 117 different countries.

The technology market continues to update rapidly. Oddsgate, now with a silver medal as Best Information Technology (IT) Workplace in Portugal 2024, always keeps an eye on emerging opportunities and trends.

With a full agenda of events in different countries this year, the company has already left its mark at key meetings such as ICE London, SBC Rio de Janeiro, Sigma São Paulo, and Collision.

The conference, which took place from June 17th to 20th, showcased innovation and dynamism, bringing together brilliant minds and leaders from diverse industries. “It was a unique opportunity to discuss trends, share knowledge, and establish valuable connections.”, reports Guilherme Graziani, responsible for the Business Development area in Latin America and one of the company representatives present at the event.

Conference highlights:

Artificial intelligence

As expected, AI was the main protagonist of the conference. The panels showed a notable divergence of views, sometimes positive, sometimes more concerned and pragmatic, and were even attended by the “Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton.

Graziani points out that “The technological advances promoted by AI are many and indisputable, and in this opportunity, its advantages and efficiency at a global level were highlighted in aspects such as improving internal communication, speed and effectiveness in generating data and information, improvements in service and the boosting productivity.”

In this context, one of the topics that caught the Oddsgate team’s attention the most was the creative solutions offered by many startups to problems in their respective sectors. Most of them use AI technology, but many, like JobRedy, have highlighted the importance of the human touch when creating networks between job seekers and mentors.

The team reports that this innovation’s ethical and social implications were also discussed, emphasizing the risks of unlimited development and reinforcing the need for controlled and responsible progress.

One meeting point was cybersecurity and data privacy, which Oddsgate is very interested in. The consensus was that the best approach is collaboration between AI and security teams, incorporating protective actions from the beginning of any development.

Already reaping the fruits of the knowledge and networking promoted at the event, Oddsgate has identified AI-powered startups that can add significant value to sales, operations, development, and support teams, continuing to stand out in the iGaming market and starting conversations to implement such improvements.

Diversity and Inclusion

Encouraging a more inclusive and equitable culture was seen as a priority, not only in the presence of different countries but also in celebrating the significant increase in female presence. 45 per cent of startups were founded by women, the general audience was 42 per cent female, and there were 35 per cent female speakers.

Panels were also directed to address this issue, demonstrating the organization’s engagement.

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Final considerations

The area’s energy, innovation, and development will continue for the next year but with a new look and scenario. The conference will take on the group’s name, changing its name to Web Summit, and will take place in Vancouver, as announced.

In any case, the event celebrates technologies and market developments, which is extremely necessary in a world facing the complexities of the digital revolution. It has the potential to influence and shape a future that is not only technologically advanced but also conscious and comprehensive.

Oddsgate looks forward to participating again, following positive feedback from its presence at Collision. It considers the event a valuable platform to expand reach and influence in the technology and iGaming industries, providing important opportunities for growth with leads and partnerships, as well as insights and different and relevant views.

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