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Opposition rises against Goa casino ban

Opposition rises against Goa casino ban
The BJP proposed a Goa casino ban for residents but was criticised.

The Goa casino ban aimed at local residents has sparked some opposition from the Congress party, who criticised the proposal.

India.- A proposition to enforce a Goa casino ban on all residents has sparked controversy in the Indian state. After the BJP-led government suggested such possibility, opposition parties criticised their stance.

During a press conference at the state Congress party headquarters, spokesperson Trajano D’Mello trashed the Goa casino ban.

“The BJP believes in ‘Akhand Bharat’ and the principle of ‘one country, one law’,” he said. “If that is the case, how can the Chief Minister ban Goans from casinos and allow our brethren from the rest of India to gamble in them? Does he not care for the well-being of Indians in general?

“If Sawant believes that casinos are poison for Goans, how can they be honey to those from the rest of India?” D’Mello said.

Instead of a residents prohibition, D’Mello advocated for a general Goa casino ban. “If the casinos are harmful to Goans… then they are equally harmful to non-Goans too. The industry itself should be shut down,” he stated.

The ban

The state government announced plans to ban residents from entering casino floors. However, the authorities didn’t set any timeline for the implementation of such a controversial measure.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told the Legislative Assembly that the government will fix a date to enforce the prohibition. After that, no Goa residents will be allowed in any casino — not the six offshore venues nor the eight land-based operations.

“I am of the opinion that Goans should not be allowed in casinos. The Goa Gambling Policy makes it clear that casinos are allowed only for tourism purpose and not for Goans to visit,” Sawant said.

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