Germany seeks gambling Treaty

The new plan would extend the limit of online operators licensed in the European country.

Germany.- Governments of Germany expressed their interests in discussing the current Interstate Treaty on Gambling that regulates the national market since 2013. Members of the 16 German Länder –federal states– would upgrade the legislation to allow further online gambling licensed operators and casino services.

The gambling Treaty that controls the complete German market establishes that the country allows only 20 licensed operators to provide online gambling platforms. Although the governments have not introduced a proposal yet, head of the states reached an agreement to develop a new national settlement on gambling legislation.

According to a press release published by the German Prime Minister’s Conference in Warnemünde on Friday, the updated Interstate Treaty on Gambling will grant online sports betting license with no limit based on the current amount of operators, but on “minimum quality standards.” The German online gaming sector is one of the strictest in the European markets.

The 16 members of the federal states also agreed on replacing the previously introduced US$1100 monthly wagering limit with a US$1100 monthly loss limit. As the statement adds, German legislators would study regulated European gaming markets to set the new rules for online casino and sports betting licenses.