Georgia in favor of casino legalisation


Senate Bill 79 didn’t get enough votes to make it out of the committee.

A new poll determined that a majority of voters are in favor of casinos in the state.

US.- According to a new poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 56 percent of registered voters support the idea of legalising the casino industry in the state, whilst 38 percent were opposed to the motion.

The Georgia legislature resumed its activities on Monday, and state Senator Brandon Beach had indicated in previous opportunities that he’s likely to try to push lawmakers that racetrack and casinos could help with the state budget. If he wants the bill to succeed, he will need two thirds to the Senate and the House to approve the measure that would allow voters in 2017 to decide if they want to change the state constitution in order to allow new forms of gambling in Georgia.

In a similar poll conducted in January 2016, the results showed that 69 percent were on board with the idea of legalising casinos, meaning that in one year the percentage dropped 13 percent. The senator’s proposal would include the construction of 5 casinos and one horse racing venue in Georgia. One of the casinos would be located in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport area, one of the country’s biggest airports.

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