New push against gambling in Spain

New push against gaming in Spain
Gaming in Spain is getting hit nationwide.

The current of opposition to the gambling industry in Spain added a non-law proposition in La Rioja to limit its reach in the region.

Spain.- Sports betting is a growing segment, but, like gaming, it’s suffering an attack from the authorities in Spain. The Ciudadanos parliamentary group filed a non-law proposal (NLP) that seeks to limit its possibilities.

The measure adds to a push against the gaming sector in Spain that added blows in different regions.

“It’s an issue that worries us and that it’s urgent to solve it. The number of young problem gamblers is increasing. Today we have known that La Rioja is one of the three communities that spends the most money on sports betting,” they said. “Therefore, it’s necessary to update regulations to protect our young people,” Ciudadanos spokesman Pablo Baena said.

La Roja against gaming in Spain

The initiative speaks of a change in the law that governs gaming in Spain. They address the need to conduct a study to prevent gambling, but only after a regulatory change.

“For some years now, the Riojana Association of Gambling Players in Rehabilitation (ARJA) has been alerting us about new gaming verticals,” they said. In addition, they emphasized online sports betting, which, in Spain – and the world – is growing at a great pace.

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