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Spain insists on gambling advertising ban

Spain insists on gambling advertising ban
A gambling advertising ban in Spain gains momentum.

Support for a gambling advertising ban in Spain continues to grow.

Spain.- Healthcare professionals have announced their support of gaming regulations. According to local media, psychologists and addiction experts are calling for a gambling advertising ban.

They argue they detected an “alarming” increase in gambling addicts, especially among the youth.

Healthcare professionals voiced their disagreement with the industry during a debate event. It was organised in the Government’s Delegation for the National Plan against Drugs. 

“Gambling advertising in Spain is the key element to explain online gambling success. Since there’s no legal framework behind it, self-regulation barely works. We’re asking that ads exclude celebrities and to remove discounts for new players. Furthermore, to prevent the underage from accessing the segment,” advisor for the Communication Users Association (AUC) Alejandro Perales asked.

He also commented: “Regulation for ads and minors protection is not enough.”

Furthermore, Dr María José Solé, problem gambling expert, stated: “Problem gambling rates are growing alarmingly among the underage. There is up to 20% of involvement in online gaming.”

Both Solé and the technical director for the Spanish Rehabilitated Gamblers Federation (FEJAR), Juan Lamas, agreed that the government is responsible for both regulating and restricting their own ads.

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