Florida lawmakers push for DFS legalisation

Lawmakers from the Sunshine State introduced the legalisation of fantasy sports to the floor once again.

US.- Florida lawmakers are once again trying to legalise daily fantasy sports (DFS) in the state. As local news revealed, two Republican lawmakers introduced the regulation of DFS back to the floor, almost half a year after both chambers couldn’t decide whether to allow the modality or not.

SB 374 was introduced by Republican Senator Dana Young last week, and the legislation tries to clarify daily fantasy sports as a game of skills instead of luck in order to comply with Florida gambling laws. Rep. Jason Brodeur also introduced HB 223 on Tuesday, a similar bill that also intends to label DFS as a game of skill.

Nevertheless, the biggest difference is that the latter wants to allow contests based on performances of college, high-school and youth athletes and sports. The new bills are set to be considered during the 2018 legislative session scheduled to initiate on January.

Back in May, key ;egislators from both the state House and the Senate confirmed that they couldn’t work out an agreement in order to progress on a DFS regulation. The uncertainty not only affected DFS but it also inveolded the Seminole Tribe’s financial obligations to the state. The Florida Legislature has shown favor to approving a new gaming compact for the tribe which would guarantee the state a US$3 billion cut of gaming revenue from the Seminole’s casinos.

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