Sportradar at SiGMA: technology is delivering better performing marketing campaigns for sportsbook operators

Florian Geheeb, global director advertising sales at Sportradar.
Florian Geheeb, global director advertising sales at Sportradar.

Florian Geheeb spoke exclusively to Focus Gaming News about Sportradar’s attendance at SiGMA Europe and the company’s next steps.

Exclusive interview.- Sportradar has had outstanding participation in SiGMA Europe 2022 and, to talk about it, Focus Gaming News sat down with Florian Geheeb, global director advertising sales at Sportradar.

Tell us about your experience at this edition of SiGMA? What does it mean to meet the gaming industry and visitors at such an important event?

It was great to attend SiGMA Europe this year, joining the industry’s thought leaders and innovators at what is one of the sector’s largest and well-received conferences.  

For us, SiGMA is an important event in the calendar because it provides a valuable opportunity to meet face-to-face with clients and partners, as well as introduce Sportradar to industry peers who may not be familiar with who we are and what we do.  

What was Sportradar’s focus at the expo?

The big focus for us this year was ad:s – our data-driven digital marketing service. We use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to optimise the marketing performance of our sportsbook clients. With ad:s we leverage our deep understanding of customer behaviour to target users more precisely, which in return delivers greater conversion rates and lower acquisition costs.

I was particularly excited to showcase our paid social advertising service. It’s the latest addition to the ad:s offering and uses our industry-specific technology to boost operators’ marketing reach and deliver relevant and personalized messages to customers across the Meta social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram. 

With social media being one of the most important acquisition tools across the industry, we are using our expertise to help our sportsbook clients fully realize the advertising potential of these channels.

Are you working on some new tools to keep evolving as the sports betting market keeps growing?

We never sit still – we’re continually developing our products and services for the benefit of our clients and partners. 

We recently launched Dynamic Display within our ad:s offering. Using artificial intelligence to generate personalized display adverts based on deep customer insight, Dynamic Display allows operators to tailor their messages based on user behaviour and then serve customers with the right message at the right time. 

This results in a more individualized user journey for the customer, and better performing campaigns, which deliver higher click-through rates, conversion and a higher return on marketing spend for the operator. Our Dynamic Display solution is available for sportsbooks and casinos with catalogues of thousands of games. 

“In summary, it’s a game-changing technology that helps operators improve engagement with their customers and broaden audience reach.”

Florian Geheeb, global director advertising sales at Sportradar.

What are your next steps for this year? Where are you heading after SiGMA (in terms of other events)?

With little more than a month of the year left, our attention turns to 2023. The first big event of the year is ICE London, and you can expect to see us there in our regular spot.  

From a product point of view, ad:s continue to be one of our focus areas. We’re investing in technology that helps operators to acquire new users more efficiently across new channels to reach and engage new audiences.  

That includes a paid search product that we have in beta testing, as well as developing a solution that provides even deeper, betting-specific insights for operators. 

As the service evolves, we are developing a multi-dimensional view around measurement and performance, based on a proprietary multi-touch attribution model.

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