FDC expands partnership with Genius Sports

Genius Sports is the incumbent long-term official betting data and integrity partner to Football DataCo.
Genius Sports is the incumbent long-term official betting data and integrity partner to Football DataCo.

Football DataCo expands official data partnership with Genius to include sub-second, skeletal tracking for the English Premier League.

Press release.- Genius Sports, the official data, technology and broadcast partner that powers the ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media, has clinched an expansion of its Official Tracking Data partnership with Football DataCo (FDC), the data rights holder of UK soccer, to capture sub-second and skeletal tracking data across the Premier League (PL).

Genius Sports will continue as the Official Tracking Provider of FDC through its Second Spectrum technology. Already installed in every PL ground, Genius Sports’ technology is powered by state-of-the-art computer vision and AI and will now, automatically capture sub-second positional data on every player and the ball.

FDC will also work with Genius Sports to develop and exploit skeletal tracking data for the benefit of the PL, fans, media partners and broadcasters. These new insights will create new opportunities for media partners and power richer fan experiences which could include dynamic, interactive metaverse applications that allow fans to put themselves directly into the action and control how they experience the game.

Global broadcast partners of the PL can access a suite of data-driven augmentation solutions, helping to bring their programs to life with live statistics and metrics including player speeds and shot velocities. PL clubs will also be able to deploy Genius Sports’ advanced Insight feed to enhance performance through rich team and player metrics, integrated with machine-learned video indexing.

“Technology continues to drive how data is collected, analyzed and presented,” commented Adrian Ford, general manager of Football DataCo. “Working with Genius Sports’ Second Spectrum technology enables Football DataCo to be at the cutting edge of what is possible, and we look forward to developing new ways of using data for our stakeholders.”

“This partnership is an important next step in demonstrating the way data and advanced technology can amplify storytelling and fan engagement,” said Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports. “Genius has believed deeply in this vision for many years, which is now becoming a reality in partnership with Football DataCo and the Premier League. We’re incredibly excited to work on solutions to enhance how the most popular league in world soccer is consumed by millions of passionate fans worldwide.”

Genius Sports is also FDC’s exclusive supplier of official live data to the global sports betting sector, providing the fastest, most accurate feed on all competitions organized by the PL, English Football League and Scottish Professional Football League.

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