ESSA reported new suspicious betting cases

The integrity body flagged 72 cases of suspicious betting activity during the third quarter of the year.

UK.- The sports betting integrity body ESSA reported that during the three months ended September 30, 72 cases of suspicious betting activity were reported to the autorities. Tennis was once again the leading sport with 46 alerts in that three month period.

Among the 72 cases, football and table tennis came in second place with eight alerts each, whilst basketball reported four cases during the third quarter. Year-to-date to September 30 numbers indicate that ESSA and its members totaled 152 cases of suspicious betting activity in sports.

Khalid Ali, secretary general of ESSA, said: “The figures for this quarter again demonstrate the ongoing threat that faces the regulated betting sector and our sports and regulatory authority partners. ESSA has redoubled its efforts to meet that challenge and invested in a number of key initiatives and activities. Partnership working remains at the heart of that approach, with our recent betting integrity event and general stakeholder engagement programme a testament to that.”

Back in September, it was revealed that the organisation would receive funding from the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme. Funds are set to go to three new anti-match-fixing projects promoted by the association that will add up to the one that’s already underway as part of ESSA’s policy to participate in and promote integrity efforts on behalf of its members.

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