EPL season 2020/21 preview & winner predictions

EPL season 2020/21 preview & winner predictions

Gambling is a welcome form of entertainment for many people. It is a game of risks, and it’s always exciting when the odds are in your favour. A popular game people enjoy playing bets on from all over the world is football. There are different competitions under this sport to explore, and a personal favourite is the English Premier League.

The English Premier League 2020/21 is expected to begin soon; we think it’s exciting that online sports betting in New York are officially approved. The break between the last premier league season and the forthcoming 2020/21 EPL is quite sure. It’s unavoidable that teams will have lesser time to make necessary improvements to their teams before the game begins. To make accurate predictions on how the game will turn out, using stats from the last season is essential.

We expect to see top players who are gearing up for this season at the period. New Zealand players like Winston Reid, who was signed into West Ham United, are likely to make an experience once again on the field this season.

According to sites approved by New Zealand TAB, Chris Wood, a favourite New Zealand player, is sure to make an appearance on the EPL with Burnley. Predictions are already in place for the 2020/21 EPL as many people root for their favourite players.

While many top bookmakers expect the race to be between Manchester United and Chelsea, the odds suggest differently. There’s sure to be a tussle between Liverpool, the defending champions, and Manchester City. Manchester City has a 44% chance of winding the new EPL champion title, while Liverpool can win with a 35% chance.

Either way, it turns out, the race for the title is expected to be fiercer than ever. At the beginning of the season, Many bettors had high hopes for Manchester United even after it fell from the top of the list of Forbes valuable teams to the fourth position. However, it seems like Manchester United might be ending the season in the fourth position.

Although Liverpool won the last season, Manchester is a worthy favourite, and they have managed to respond more effectively than they did in the previous season. Statistics show that Chelsea might also be a promising pick for those looking for an outsider value bet than Manchester United.

The Blues were supposed to have finished in the third position last season if they hadn’t finished at both ends of the pitch.

2020/21 EPL top Predictions and Odds

With just a few promising games to go and Manchester City a couple of points away from securing the title as EPL Champions, it comes as no surprise that many sportsbooks do not have an outright winner-odd available. That doesn’t mean there are no betting opportunities available.

There are many betting platforms to be found on New Zealand TAB that offer you top-four finish-offs. Manchester United has a -10000 chance of confirming its spot at the top in the EPL. It has a 99% probability of finishing as the champion, and the possibility will be 100% soon.

Liverpool is next on the line with -140 odds; this reigning champion is understandably a favored team and has a few more games to go to secure a spot in the top-four table. Leicester city is also predicted to take the third position on the top four tables and has a chance of 57% making the cut but so does Chelsea.

Chelsea spent a lot this summer and has proven to be ready for a challenge this season. The new additions are impressive, and it is expected that they will finish in a qualification spot this season.

Final Verdict

Online sports betting is fast gaining popularity in New Zealand. Top sites approved by New Zealand Tab providing you with sites where you can carry out your betting needs. It’s important to understand that a typical straight-up bet is usually denoted by the minus sign (-).

However, chances are better when you bet on an underdog, and it offers better payouts. You must jump on EPL odds you like when you see them. The reason is lines will continue to shift as more games get played, and injuries occurred.

If you want to win more money, it’s best to go with a club that has a plus (+) sign. While odds with minus (-) signs are still sure to pay you, more money is found with a winning underdog.