Emily Demajo: “SiGMA is in a position to create an unrivalled experience in the LatAm region”

Emily Demajo: “SiGMA is in a position to create an unrivalled experience in the LatAm region”

In an interview with Focus Gaming News, Emily Demajo, events director at SiGMA, discussed the event’s goals and expectations.

Exclusive interview.- The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, and Latin America is no exception. In recent years, the region has seen a surge in demand for online gaming and esports, as well as progress in legalizing and regulating online gambling. 

This has created several opportunities for operators and investors, and SiGMA Americas is poised to capitalize on this growth.

To find out more about the upcoming SiGMA Americas taking place in Brazil from 14-18 June, and the expectations surrounding the event, Focus Gaming News spoke to Emily Demajo, events director at SiGMA.

What is it and how was SiGMA Americas born? Which is the aim of producing this amazing show in Latin America?

The SiGMA Americas summit, in collaboration with the Brazilian iGaming Summit, marks our first in-person event exclusively dedicated to the LatAm region

This highly anticipated gathering will unite operators, affiliates, policy makers, and influential figures for three days of networking, exhibitions, and insightful conferences. Attendees can look forward to 16,000 square meters of carefully curated expo space. 

Expert-led panels and keynotes will provide valuable industry insights, while numerous networking opportunities will take place during the event, including exquisite dinners at some of Sao Paolo’s finest restaurants, a captivating Closing Night party, and an unforgettable gala awards evening, and a charitable art auction.

Moreover, in addition to a focus on gaming, the event will also foster plenty of crossover opportunities, bringing attendees increased value by incorporating the SiGMA Group’s marketing affiliation brand, AGS, as well as its emerging tech vertical, AIBC. 

” Attendees can look forward to 16,000 square meters of carefully curated expo space.” 

Emily Demajo, events director at SiGMA.

What are your expectations for the first face-to-face edition of SiGMA Americas in Latin America?

Anticipated to attract 6,000 to 8,000 participants, the summit will take place from the 14th to the 18th of June at the Transamerica Expo Centre. Attendees can also expect 250 top-tier exhibitors on the expo floor. 

What boost or benefits did SiGMA Group get from the acquisition of the Brazil iGaming Summit?

With the live event space out from under the pressures of Covid-19, there’s never been a better time to expand into emerging markets. We’ve been growing organically and steadily for the past nine years. Operators, suppliers and affiliates have all been asking to expand into emerging markets, including Africa, Asia and LatAm. We have listened to these demands and by merging SiGMA Americas with BiS, we are in a position to create an unrivalled experience in the LatAm region.

Their valuable industry knowledge, local presence, and experienced team will be essential in helping SiGMA to establish a strong foothold in this exciting emerging market.

How will the fair be organized? 

An intricately crafted conference agenda presents delegates with plenty of prospects to remain well-informed about the most current trends, engage in discussions regarding innovative ideas, and enhance their skill set. The agenda features expert-led content, with many household names lined up to speak.

Furthermore, this event will serve as an exceptional platform for local companies to forge connections and engage in business dealings with international counterparts. Premier networking opportunities – from a packed expo floor to evening events, provide international companies already established in Brazil with the opportunity to establish connections with vital suppliers and explore fresh avenues for business expansion.

What will be the axes of the agenda? 

The conference agenda features a wide range of topics. An expert-led lineup of household names will delve into everything from Brazil’s fast-changing regulatory scene and the challenges of compliance to new opportunities within the fantasy sports, sports betting, and esports sector. We also look at the lottery sector – from the end of the lottery monopoly to new emerging trends.

Additionally, we’re holding a special speed dating activity to help affiliates and operators connect on the 17th and a Centurion FC weigh-in in anticipation of fight night on the 16th.

Why did you choose Brazil as your venue?

The gaming, sports betting, and lottery sector in Brazil is undergoing substantial expansion, and attracting a multitude of fresh business opportunities and investments. In alignment with forecasts predicting a market worth $20bn by 2025, this growth trend is poised to create a strong foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship in the region, with Sao Paulo emerging as a prominent hub. Proposed legislation to regulate sports betting and an estimated one million active online players further contribute to the favourable outlook for this thriving market.

Everyone’s looking to Brazil for the launch of sports betting, but how do you see the online casino market in South America?

The online casino market in South America is experiencing significant growth and evolving at a rapid pace. With a population of over 430 million people and a growing interest in online gambling, the region presents a promising opportunity for operators and investors. Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia are among the key markets driving this expansion, with a rising number of players seeking thrilling casino experiences from the comfort of their homes. Technological advancements and improved internet accessibility have played a vital role in fueling the industry’s growth, allowing players to access a wide range of virtual casino games, including slots, table games, and live dealer options. 

Additionally, the increasing popularity of mobile devices has further contributed to the market’s growth, as players can now enjoy their favourite casino games on the go. As regulations continue to evolve and more countries in South America embrace online gambling, the online casino market in the region is poised for further development and presents a promising landscape for both operators and players alike.

“With a population of over 430 million people and a growing interest in online gambling, the region presents a promising opportunity for operators and investors.”

Emily Demajo, events director at SiGMA.

What lessons did you learn from the first edition, held virtually in 2020, and the first face-to-face, in Canada, in 2022?

The SiGMA Americas digital conference was a great way to continue to build strong relationships with the industry – tapping into the expertise of KOLs driving this promising market forward. Despite setbacks brought about by the pandemic, the industry was still hungry for growth and the success of our digital event showed how vital it was to stay connected and keep informed.

Nonetheless, it was great to get back to what we do best – bringing people together. Our first event in Canada was hugely insightful and launched alongside important new regulations for that market. While our focus right now is on the Latam sector this year, we look forward to holding more events across the Americas over the next few years.  

Do you think operators are clued up on what they need to know and do to succeed in the Brazilian market?

While some operators have certainly done their homework and gained valuable insights into the Brazilian market, it is fair to say that many are still in the process of familiarizing themselves with its intricacies. The Brazilian market presents unique challenges and requires a deep understanding of the local culture, preferences, and regulatory landscape. 

Operators need to be clued up on various aspects, including the legal framework, payment methods preferred by Brazilian players, local marketing strategies, and customer preferences. Operators must prioritize localization efforts, not only in terms of language but also in tailoring their offerings to meet the specific needs and expectations of Brazilian players. 

Additionally, building strong partnerships with local stakeholders and complying with evolving regulations are key factors for success. With the right knowledge, commitment, and adaptability, operators can position themselves for success in the dynamic and promising Brazilian market.

What changed from 2020 to the present in the gaming industry and Latin America in particular?

The gaming industry, including the Latin American region, has witnessed significant changes from 2020 to the present. One notable shift is the accelerated growth of online gaming and esports. With the global pandemic restricting physical activities and promoting social distancing measures, more people turned to gaming as a form of entertainment and connection. This surge in demand led to increased investments in the industry, the emergence of new gaming platforms, and the expansion of esports competitions and events in Latin America.

Several countries in Latin America have also made progress in legalising and regulating online gambling, creating opportunities for operators to enter new markets. For example, Colombia and Argentina have implemented regulatory frameworks that allow for licensed online gambling operations. This has boosted investor confidence and attracted both local and international companies to expand their presence in the region.

Overall, the gaming industry in Latin America has experienced a significant transformation over the past few years, driven by changing consumer behaviour, evolving regulations, and technological advancements. This dynamic landscape presents both opportunities and challenges for stakeholders in the region as they navigate the evolving market and strive for sustainable growth.

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