DLV talks about ICE 2016

DLV is a renowned Latvian software manufacturing company for gaming equipment and its performance at ICE looks very promising.

While the 2016 edition of the international ICE exhibition –placed in ExCel, London- is on the horizon, Julia Barbakadze, marketing director of DLV, spoke with Focus Gaming News about what we can expect next February 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

As ICE exhibition 2016 is near, what are your expectations for this important event?

We are always looking forward to innovation and inspiration at ICE. It is the place where the trends of the industry are set for the rest of the year. Particularly to DLV is an opportunity to catch up with the innovations of the industry and pick up new ideas for their business. However, since the exhibition is not just about that, DLV main purpose is showcasing products and finding new markets for sales, as well as gathering with current clients and closing deals with whom we previously made verbal agreements.

Is DLV presenting new products? Which perks do you offer for operators and players?

Firstly, we are presenting the Lab Creatures multigame featuring 25 games and three jackpot levels. Its main perk consist of an unique combination of cool graphics, thematic variety and an interesting math games –benefits that attract players and, therefore, operators-. There will also be the new Diamond Excel cabinet featuring two 27-inch screens. It is attractive for players because of its particular look and it is easy to handle by operators.

What plans do you have for this year? What is the major challenge DLV has to face?

DLV does not have a challenge per se. As a well experienced company, DLV always makes big effort at being prepared for activities and business. We pay attention at networking and managing the necessary documentation. First of all, DLV plans to set up new Excel machines and Lab Creatures jackpot in Letonia, Peru and other countries this year. Certifications and planning of details with clients have already been made. Certainly, as usual, DLV will keep developing new products and participating at main events of the gaming industry during 2016.

As DLV has already had big presence in LATAM as well as in Europe, are you planning on expanding to another market?

DLV has a strong position in those regions and, of course, this year we look forward to keep developing our markets there.  Besides, the company has presence in Asia: Philippines, Cambodia and Singapore. We are also currently working in other projects, but we rather keeping the mystery for now.