Dima Reiderman: “2022 will really be a great year for BtoBet”

Dima Reiderman, BtoBet’s Chief Operational Officer.
Dima Reiderman, BtoBet’s Chief Operational Officer.

Dima Reiderman, BtoBet’s Chief Operational Office, sat down with Focus Gaming News to talk about his experience after having attended ICE London 2022.

Exclusive Interview.- BtoBet’s Chief Operational Officer, Dima Reiderman, gave his vision about the company’s participation in ICE London 2022 and talked about the expansion plans that BtoBet has for this year.

BtoBet has been exhibiting at ICE last week. How was the show for you?

The show was surprisingly busy, although there were fewer exhibitors than in previous editions and some of the big players are not present. However, in terms of the attendants, the people walking around, the people we meet and the meeting schedule was extremely busy. So it has been surprisingly good, with plenty of business opportunities.

And what kind of operators did you find at ICE London this year? 

Pretty much all kinds of operators… from the global Tier 1 ones, whom we’ve met quite a few, to some interesting up-and-coming brands, and also some startups that are looking to start entering new markets. Operators were mainly European-based, and there was a lot of interest in the evolving situation in some European markets, like the Netherlands and Germany.  

There’s also an increasing focus on Latin America and I would say probably because of Brazil’s upcoming iGaming legislation, but it’s not only Brazil. We continued expanding some conversations regarding Colombia which is a key market for us. So I would say it’s coming from multiple directions. I can’t really put my finger on one country.

Tell us a little bit about the expansion plans you have for LatAm this year, especially in Brazil.

I can’t discuss all the details but I think in the next couple of months we’ll be able to expand our footprints also in the markets we already have a presence in, such as Colombia and Mexico. But also assuming that Brazil will approve the regulation, hopefully, we’ll make our first steps in this highly expected market as well. Of course, we are still waiting for the government regulation, in one form or another, but I think we’ll be one of the first sportsbook platform providers to enter the market.

“I think in the next couple of months we’ll be able to expand our footprints also in the markets we already have a presence in.”

Dima Reiderman, BtoBet’s Chief Operational Officer.

Let’s talk about South Africa. How’s the situation there for BtoBet?

It’s a significant market, it’s quite complex, and if we find the right partner, we’ll be ready in terms of certifications, compliance, and all the market requirements. We have a very good understanding of what’s required and I dare say the company is now ready to enter the market. So we’re looking for the right partner to go there.

“South Africa is probably one of the only remaining markets in Africa where we are not yet live.”

Dima Reiderman, BtoBet’s Chief Operational Officer.

BtoBet has been expanding in Europe as well. Can you tell us your next plans for the continent?

I think 2022 will really be a great year for BtoBet. I reckon this will be the year that will allow us to reveal our true potential. In a relatively short period, we went live in Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. 

So you can see that the growth has been quite rapid and we are looking to expand even more into Europe this year.

What does a quality sportsbook for operators consist of?

I think quality comes down to a few key points. If I were to put my finger on a couple of things I would highlight the platform’s robustness, reliability, scalability and flexibility.

Sportsbook is also all about speed… speed of data, speed of the process, and speed of trading. 

At the same time, you need to find a balance in allowing flexibility for your partners, in terms of UI, UX, and trading capabilities. Operators need to stand out from the crowd and to achieve that they need the right partner who will be able to provide them with cutting-edge sportsbook technology and services.

Can you share with us BtoBet’s plans for the rest of 2022?

Throughout this year we’re focused on enhancing our product. We are currently working on long term projects related to the front-end and the UX, and it’s something will be able to showcase in a couple of months.

On top of that, there are a lot of extra new features, which we’ll soon be launching, which are more suited for the mature markets, which are characterised by an increasing player demand for enhanced products. Thus we will be putting all our focus on the product side throughout this year.

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