Denmark warns operators over marketing of slots winnings

Denmark warns operators over marketing of slots winnings

The Danish regulator has warned operators about marketing regulations on the advertisement of slots winnings.

Denmark.- The national gaming regulator Spillemyndigheden has warned operators to respect regulations for the marketing of slots winnings. Operators are only allowed to promote slots winnings of up to DKK600 (€80.7), but the regulator says some slots have been advertising higher winnings.

The regulator warned that such marketing is a breach of the Danish Gaming Act and a violation of the country’s consumer protection code of conduct.

Spillemyndigheden said in a statement: “The marketing of games must present the chance of winning in a correct and balanced way so as not to create an impression that the chance of winning is greater than it actually is.

“If winnings in excess of DKK600 are advertised, it must be made clear in the marketing material that the chance of winning this prize is through several games.”

In July, Spillemyndigheden updated its advertising regulations to stipulate that all bonuses must be made available for a minimum of 60 days. The update followed an executive order from the government to change Spillemyndigheden’s regulations for online casino, land-based betting and online betting.

This month, the regulator has launched a national campaign promoting its ROFUS self-exclusion service. Meanwhile, Danish operators have formed a new industry board to deal with complaints about adverts. 

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