Delhi Chief Minister wants to stop casinos in Goa

The leader said that casinos are ruining Goan culture.

India.- Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader, vowed to stop casinos in the Indian state. The leader said that everyone in Goa wants casinos to shut down, and that it hasn’t happened yet due to political ties.

“Everyone in Goa wants casinos to shut shop. Both the BJP and the Congress could not do it because leaders from both parties are tied up with the casino lobby. Only the AAP can stop casinos, it can stop the ruin of Goan culture,” said Kejriwal on a message to Goan voters.

The Chief Minister also complained about the other political party, and asked voters if they thought that in the past five years they experimented anything besides corruption and communalism.

Last month, the Aam Aadmi Party said that they will create and promote a public survey on Goa’s casino issue, and the results should be declared later this month. Rupesh Shinkre, party spokesperson, questioned the government’s tourism policy and the delay in notifying the Regional Plan 2021, and said: “Congress was responsible for bringing casinos to Goa with BJP in opposition protesting against them but now they are trying to add another one.”

Goa is currently one of cities where casinos are allowed to operate legally. The Indian state is in talks to get another off shore casino, but it is subject to change if the existing operators pay their rest of their dues in fines and their interests. If more companies want new floating casinos they would have to find another place to operate the facilities, and they have time until March to come up with a new plan.