Danish regulator reports over 30,000 users of exclusion register

Spillemyndigheden has reported the latest numbers for Denmark
Spillemyndigheden has reported the latest numbers for Denmark

Spillemyndigheden has reported that the number of people registered on the ROFUS self-exclusion scheme rose from 26,115 to 30,451 last year.

Denmark.- The Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has reported that as of the end of 2021, 30,451 people were registered with ROFUS, the country’s register of voluntarily excluded players.

The increase from 26,115 registrations at the end of 2020 is in line with previous years. Spillemyndigheden says an average of 4,000 people per year have signed up since the self-exclusion scheme was launched in 2012.

The largest proportion of people registered are in the 20-29 age group, which makes up 30 per cent of the total, ahead of the 30-39 age group (28 per cent). Over 60s represent just 8 per cent of those registered, with six per cent in the 60-69 age group and 2 per cent aged 70 to 79.

Three-quarters of those registered were men, although the split was more even in the older age groups. A quarter of all those using the scheme were men aged 20-29, and 22 per cent were men aged 30-39. Some 4 per cent were men aged under 20.

Spillemyndigheden launched a television and social media campaign for the ROFUS self-exclusion scheme in September, informing players about their right to ask operators to let them “take-a-break” and self-exclude from all gambling promotions.

It became a requirement for all licensed operators to refer self-excluded players to the central ROFUS database under reforms to the Danish Gambling Act implemented in 2018.

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