Cyprus suspends online license


The betting authority from Cyprus decided to suspend the license of Royal Highgate for two months.

Cyprus.- The National Betting Authority announced this week that Royal Highgate Public Company Ltd has seen its operations license suspended for two months for failing to comply with its terms.

According to the authority’s announcement, Royal Highgate will not be able to provide betting services as the 2012 law on betting establishes that for violations its license has been suspended for two months. The same procedure applies for all establishments acting as authorized representatives of the company, the authority said.

In October, the authority announced it will conduct a quantitative survey to assess Cypriot gamblers’ habits. The survey will record gambling habits (frequency of participation, behaviour, characteristics) of people engaging the activity in order to determine protective policies to prevent gambling problems. The study will be conducted among 3k randomly selected individuals and will include groups of ages 13 to 17, 18-34, 35-49, 50-64 and 65-older. The NBA explained that it will also try to identify how well known is the difference between legal and illegal gambling, while attempting to categorise gambling profiles (social, pathological, addicts, etc).

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