Cuomo insists on Niagara Falls casino

As the dispute with the Seneca Nation deepens, the governor of New York said that international operators would be interested in the casino.

US.- Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo said that international operators would fight to build a casino in Niagara Falls. The claims emerged after the official threatened to open a casino close to the border with Canada if the tribe doesn’t continue with the casino revenue sharing agreement.

“If they do not pay, the payments they’re supposed to make under the compact, the compact is gone. If you don’t pay, you’re not going to get an exclusive franchise to run a casino,” had said the governor. Seneca Nation President Todd Gates held a press conference and said that the Governor would be violating the compact. “The compact is enforceable under federal law. Those compacts are being approved by the Interior Department so that’s where we would go to get it settled,” told Gates to News 4.

Earlier this week, the Senecas said that Cuomo is threatening the jobs created with the opening of three casinos in Upstate New York, but the governor answered that the variance with projections didn’t bother him that much. “They have all been wildly successful in creating jobs and creating beautiful complexes.” And he added: “I have no doubt that we would get companies from around the world to bid on a casino right, in Buffalo Niagara Falls area.”

Moreover, the local news outlet asked the local Mayor Paul Dyster if Niagara Falls can actually feature another casino, as it already offers one gambling facility, and he said that whilst he’s not an expert in the field, he knows the tourism economy in the territory is growing. “Whether we could support two casinos, or not, with a growing tourism economy is one for the experts.”

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