CrownBet prosecuted in Australia

The New South Wales justice sentenced the gambling brand for illegal advertising campaigns.

Australia.- CrownBet, the famous online bookmaker, was found guilty for breaking the New South Wale’s Betting and Racing Regulation 2012 act. The gaming brand admitted to have published illegal betting advertising in the state.

“5,000 reasons to love the 2015 AFL grand final. Enjoy $5,000 bonus points on us,” is an example of the marketing campaign that CrownBet illegally promoted during October and December 2015. The state’s Betting and Racing Regulation 2012 act established that New South Wale’s residents cannot be induced to participate in a gambling activity neither tempted to open an online betting account.

Last week, CrownBet was sentenced for five irregularities in its website’s publicity. The company will have to pay to the state a total of AUS$10,500 –US$8.113– in fines and to the Liquor & Gaming NSW organization, AUS$10,000 –US$7.726–. Joanne Keogh, New South Wale’s Magistrate, ordered the sentence to provoke general deterrence to other companies and to protect the vulnerable audiences.