Cracking the code: How BGaming’s special player-driven approach to TOP-3 by reach in gambling streaming

Cracking the code: How BGaming’s special player-driven approach to TOP-3 by reach in gambling streaming

In the world of iGaming, understanding players lies at the heart of success. It’s not just about crafting games, but about tailoring experiences that resonate with the iGaming community. This understanding drives innovation, shapes gameplay, and ensures a deeper connection between players and the games they love.

Diving into player engagement: BGaming’s 2023 approach

Online casinos have shifted their focus from just launching games to engaging players for better financial performance. Now, it’s about making strong connections, enhancing brand loyalty, and attracting and retaining audiences.

BGaming’s way of putting players first drives what they do. From personalized lobbies, challenges, and drops to UI/UX enhancements – all aimed at how much players get involved. Game tests are a big part of this too. Closely collaborating with the Scatters Club gambling community, BGaming started game testing in 2023, where players and streamers actively participate in game development stages.

Throughout the year, BGaming has run an extensive series of game tests within Scatters Club. Over 1,000 players and streamers from different places like LatAm, CIS, Europe, Canada, and the US shared their thoughts on the games. They contributed significantly to polishing games before official releases and crafting new gaming experiences. Among BGaming’s accomplishments stands the Merge UpTM test, boasting an impressive 97% positive feedback, marking it as a top-of-game testing success.

The rising influence of gambling streamers in iGaming

Today, gambling streamers are trusted influencers in the iGaming industry. A few years ago, as a part of a player-driven approach, BGaming started collaborating with gambling streamers, encouraging them to play its games more, and supplied these influencers with engaging content that appealed to a wide range of viewers, ultimately increasing their reach.

Moreover, in collaboration with the Scatters Club, BGaming initiates online events like Streamers Races which boost the popularity of BGaming’s games. During events, everyone got to dive deep into BGaming’s portfolio, try all the mechanics and features, and get a feel for what they love about BGaming’s diverse content. By the end of 2023, they hold 4 Streamers Races, including the one in the Latin American region.

“BGaming’s milestones in this area cannot be overseen. Now, over 800 gambling streamers worldwide play BGaming’s games, accumulating over 155,000 minutes of gameplay. Notably, titles like Bonanza Billion, Lady Wolf Moon MEGAWAYS, Alien Fruits, Beer Bonanza, and Sweet Rush MEGAWAYS have carved a place in the top 5 most popular games among streamers” – said Maksim Krotau, Streamer Relations Lead at BGaming.

Player focus and streamer collaborations propel global recognition

Adding up all those points, BGaming’s way of focusing on players and teaming up with streamers led to a big boost in how they’re seen in the iGaming world. According to live streaming AI platform Casinolytics, BGaming went up to the 7th spot globally by reach in gambling streaming, got a strong 6th place in the CIS area, and landed a great 3rd position in the lively LatAm market. It shows how plans worked! Starting at 16th place in January 2023 and climbing up to 7th by November of the same year was quite impressive.

“It’s undeniable that the exposure casino streamers bring is forging significant opportunities for game providers to distinguish their products in the highly competitive and saturated market. Our data uncovers a striking trend: slot titles favoured by streamers tend to ascend to the top of operator lobbies, indicating a powerful connection,” – added Sebastian Khalighy, Co-founder & CEO Casinolytics.   

Looking into BGaming’s success in the LatAm iGaming scene, the provider jumped into the area with a great marketing push. Collaboration with key Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking streamers and opinion leaders paid off. BGaming’s partnership with the Scatters Club was pivotal, helping to reach over 5.6 million minutes in viewership during the exciting LatAm Streamers Race.

BGaming has big plans ahead. In February 2024, the company set to launch Aztec Clusters, a unique collaboration with Casinolytics. This positions Aztec Clusters as a first-of-its-kind game, deriving its foundation from data, insights, and research gathered from the most popular games and features among streamers and their behaviours. The behavioural analysis, conducted by Casinolytics, is based on over 10,000 hours of observing streamers play and react to various games and features.

Aztec Clusters stands out in the market as a uniquely designed game, shaped by a fully data-driven approach. It offers gameplay and features that not only appeal to streamers but also cater to a wide range of modern players. 

In a nutshell

BGaming’s success story in the iGaming industry underscores the necessity of putting players at the forefront. Dedication to players, strategic partnerships, and emphasis on engaging streamers have marked a year of remarkable achievements. This shows how putting ideas into action with hard work and teamwork can make big things happen. It proves that in this industry, working together and coming up with new ideas can lead to great success.