Connecticut Lottery under probe

The Connecticut Lottery Corp.’s dissolution will be assessed by a legislature’s committee.

US.- This morning the Connecticut legislature’s public safety committee is holding a meeting to assess the Connecticut Lottery Corp.’s dissolution signed last year. According to the Hartford Courant, the lottery operator’s business resolution is under probe, as the state Department of Consumer Protection is investigating apparent frauds.

The public safety committee has called for a hearing today as the company has allegedly signed the dissolution right after the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection began its inquiry. Under the business agreement, the Connecticut Lottery Corp.’s CEO Anne Noble left the company last September 22. The government aims at receiving transparent information about Noble’s profits.

“As the co chairman of the committee with oversight of the Connecticut Lottery, I believe an open and transparent information hearing is warranted into the 5 Card Cash game and the severance package of the former CEO,” said Rep. Joe Verrengia, D-West Hartford, to the Hartford Courant.

Representatives of the company have been called in to participate in the hearing. As the newspaper stated, the government is investigating the Connecticut Lottery Corp.’s financial registers, as it generates US$400 million a year, “more revenue than the casinos,” added Verrengia. “Maybe we need to look at how the lottery is set up…maybe it’s time to reevaluate the model.”

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