More complaints against Illinois Lottery

Northstar Lottery Group is facing two lawsuits for apparent fraud.

Private operator of the Illinois Lottery has been denounced twice for seeming irregularities in the company’s gaming services.

US.- Northstar Lottery Group, the private operator of the Illinois State Lottery, is facing two charges for alleged fraud. The private company, which is a joint venture between International Game Technology and Scientific Games, was denounced twice in March. Players claimed that the Group has failed to correctly grant and offer a transparent service and correct awards.

The two complaints show that the company that runs the gaming sector in the State reduced the largest instant tickets’ biggest prizes before they were awarded. The first complaint was filed earlier this month in downstate St. Clair County, whilst the last one was revealed last Saturday in Cook County Circuit Court.

Players said they are “longtime scratch-off” bettors and that Northstar Lottery Group has defrauded them. A Tribune investigation apparently confirmed the irregularities in the offerings. The second lawsuit also adds results from December Tribune investigation over the operator’s managements.

Experts revealed that the amount of instant ticket games have grew since the Illinois State transferred the gaming license to the private company. This led to better and bigger prizes offered, which boosted players to keep buying more tickets. However, once the sales began to decrease, Northstar cut off the service before the prizes were awarded.

“Each of the cases will proceed along their own way,” commented the attorney Larry Drury. “They have their case there, and we have our case here.” Drury represents players Dennis Atteberry and Tamara Burton, who filed the latest lawsuit against Northstar.

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