Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at BETBY: “I foresee the rise of esports being a hot topic at SiGMA Asia”

Chris Nikolopoulos, chief commercial officer at Betby.
Chris Nikolopoulos, chief commercial officer at Betby.

Chris Nikolopoulos, chief commercial officer at BETBY, discusses the company’s preparations for SiGMA Asia in Manila.

Exclusive interview.- Focus Gaming News sat down with Chris Nikolopoulos, chief commercial officer at BETBY, to discuss the company’s preparations for SiGMA Asia, where it will showcase its latest sportsbook innovations, connect with industry leaders, and explore new opportunities in the Asian market.

How is BETBY preparing for SiGMA Asia, in Manila? What does it mean to be part of one of the biggest igaming expos in Asia?

BETBY is gearing up for SiGMA Asia in Manila, one of Asia’s largest and most prestigious igaming expos. Our team is excited to showcase our latest sportsbook innovations, connect with industry leaders, and explore new opportunities in the rapidly growing Asian market.

Being part of SiGMA Asia is important for us. It provides a platform to demonstrate our commitment to showcasing our product excellence and innovation to the Asian igaming community. We also look forward to engaging with partners, clients, and industry professionals to discuss the future of sportsbooks and their sub-verticals and how BETBY can contribute to this dynamic landscape.

Kirill Nekrasov, head of BETBY Games, will be joining a panel of experts discussing the growth of the eSports market. What do you expect will be the key highlights during the presentation?

I believe that the panel will aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of whether eSports is merely a passing distraction or a transformative force poised to shape the future of sports. 

Amongst other aspects, the panel will analyse how the market responds to the introduction of new eSports titles and disciplines. This includes understanding the factors that drive the popularity of new games and how established eSports organizations and sponsors are capitalizing on these trends. 

Kirill will also be looking forward to engaging in discussions regarding the changing dynamics between eSports and traditional sports, looking at audience demographics, viewing habits, and the overall market share, assessing whether eSports is drawing audiences away from traditional sports or if it is creating a new, complementary spectator base. 

I also look forward to hear the discussion in relation to the growing convergence between eSports and real sports, including crossover events.

I am positive that this panel will offer valuable insights for stakeholders across the sports and entertainment industries, helping them navigate the evolving landscape and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

“The panel will analyse how the market responds to the introduction of new eSports titles and disciplines.”

Chris Nikolopoulos, chief commercial officer at BETBY.

What do you think will be the core topics of discussion during SiGMA Asia?

The core topics of discussion during SiGMA Asia are likely to centre around the growing opportunities and challenges in the Asian market, including regulatory environments, market entry strategies, and local partnerships. I also expect a strong focus on the latest technological advancements in igaming, including AI, machine learning, blockchain, and their applications in betting and gaming platforms and B2C operations. 

With esports being very popular in the region I also foresee the rise of esports being a hot topic, with discussion sessions dedicated to the future of esports betting, analysing the market potential, and the betting trends of players and how they interact with real sports and esports.

One would also expect the upcoming Euro and Copa America to generate a lot of interest, as operators and betting suppliers will be at the peak of their preparations for these major football tournaments.

What products and solutions is BETBY showcasing at the expo?

At the upcoming event, BETBY will spotlight its comprehensive sportsbook solution, alongside its recently unveiled AI-driven sportsbook tools, and engaging esports content portfolio.

A key emphasis will be placed on BETBY’s extensive sports content, facilitated by a curated selection of top-tier official data feeds. This ensures not only a wide variety of content but also rapid data delivery, enhancing the excitement of live betting through swift market updates.

Additionally, our team looks forward to demonstrating to local operators our capability to provide content for niche sports events through our dedicated, in-house trading team.

Given the surge in esports popularity, especially in Asia, BETBY will present its MGA-approved esports odds feed solution. This offering includes pre-match and live odds, round-the-clock content coverage, a statistics hub, and result reporting. It can seamlessly integrate with the BETBY Sportsbook solution or function independently as an esports data feed.

A significant draw will be our cutting-edge AI-powered sports betting tools. These tools enable personalized betting experiences, automate risk management for quicker detection of suspicious activity, and utilize advanced models to predict player churn and accurately assess the lifetime value of individual players.

What other industry events does the company plan to attend in 2024?

Throughout the rest of 2024, BETBY is set to participate in a range of prestigious industry events. Among the key expos BETBY will be attending are the SBC Summit in Lisbon, SiGMA Europe, the Mare Balticum Conference, SiGMA East Europe, and G2E in Las Vegas. These events are critical for networking, showcasing our latest innovations, and exploring new market opportunities. 

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